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UNO Wild Metal Box

UNO Wild Metal Box

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Get rid of your cards before the others, but beware of forgetting to say "UNO!"

2–10 Players | 30 Min | Age: 6+

Players race to empty their hands and catch opposing players with cards left in theirs, which score points. In turns, players attempt to play a card by matching its color, number, or word to the topmost card on the discard pile. If unable to play, players draw a card from the draw pile, and if still unable to play, they pass their turn. Wild and special cards spice things up a bit.

UNO Wild: The 4 extra cards are game-changers! Play the "Swap Hands" card to change hands with any opponent! 3 Customizable cards let you write any house rule you want! Customizable cards erase to make new rules.

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