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Uno Totoro

Uno Totoro

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2–10 Players

This UNO special edition features the characters from the Studio Ghibli film "My Neighbor Totoro"! Cards feature pictures of Mei, Satsuki and Totoro along with other characters from the movie.

The game contains 112 cards. 25 each of four colour sets (red, green, yellow, blue - 1 x 0 card, 2 x number cards 2 to 9, 2 x Reverse, 2 x Skip, 2 x Draw 2) plus 4 of three wild card types (Wild, Wild Draw 4, Sanbo Wild)

The game plays like a standard game of UNO with only one exception. The Sanbo Wild, or "Walk" card, is exclusive to this version of UNO - when played each player must give their hand to the next clockwise player. The person who played the card then chooses the colour. If drawn as the first card it should be returned to the deck and a new card drawn.

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