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UNO Pokémon Asia

UNO Pokémon Asia

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"Join Pikachu and all his friends when you play this Pokemon edition of UNO! Master the game with the special 'Snorlax Traffic' and 'Battle Bond' rules! And when you're down to your last card, don't yell 'pika pika', yell UNO!"

2-10 Player | Age 7+

UNO variation where all of the cards have a pokemon, including some of the original 150 and newer pokemon from Sword & Shield.

The deck is the same as normal UNO, but with 4 extra wild cards:

- Wild Snorlax Traffic Cards: you choose a colour, the next player draws 3 cards and then discard all cards of your chosen colour from their hand (their turn ends).
- Wild Battle Bond Card: you choose a colour and the next player draws a card. If their drawn card does not match the chosen colour, they have to draw another card. You can then choose the colour that continues play.

You can choose to play a normal game of UNO without these extra cards, or keep them in for something a bit different.

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