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Uno Flex

Uno Flex

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UNO Flex Card Game is based on the UNO Card Game players know and love, but with a flexible attitude.

Different flexes switch up the game -- Flex Cards allows players to "flex" the color of their card (a Red 4 can become a Green 4 in one flex) while "Flex Action" Cards let players "flex" the action of the card.

​The Power card tells players if they are allowed to "flex" their card. The green Ö means "yes" -- the red X means "no".

​Flex Action cards can "flex" to a new action. For example, a "Skip" can flex to "Skip All" and a "Draw 2 Card" can flex to an "Every Player Must Draw 1 Card."

The first player to play the last card from their hand wins the game.

If you want to play more than one game, you can choose to use the UNO Flex! scoring variant.

The game is played the same as the normal game. Cards left in opponents hands score points for the person who won the round. First to 500 points wins the game.

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