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Squirrel Goes Pop

Squirrel Goes Pop

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【Fun Pop-up Action】: Take turns sliding the colored swords into the pirate's barrel, but be careful. Choose the wrong slot and the squirrel will come out. Children like to watch it fly.

【Let You Keep Guessing】: A barrel-shaped slot that changes the pirate every time you play the game.

【Family Entertainment】 Family entertainment for 4 years old and above. This simple game can be played by up to 4 people at the same time at time without complicated cards or rules. It is a great choice for the whole family.

【Easy to Install】: It's easy to install without any batteries-the pop-up pirate ship is easy to set up, powered by you and a smart spring, so when you're ready, the fun begins.

【Desktop Toy】: Fun office or home desktop toys, very suitable for family members to play games. You can give friends or classmates as gifts during the holiday.

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