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Spot it! Jr. Animal

Spot it! Jr. Animal

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Spot it Jr.! is a card game consisting of 31 cards, each decorated with 6 animals of different sizes.

There are more than 30 different animals in all. One-and only one-animal match exists between any two cards. Get ready to Spot it!

If you've never played Spot it! before, familiarize yourselves by drawing two cards at random and placing them face-up on the table so that everyone can see.

Find the matching animals between these two cards (same shape, same color; only the size may be different). The first player to spot the matching animal must call out its name and draw two new cards, placing them on the table.

Repeat these steps until all the players clearly understand that there is always one-and only one- matching symbol between any two cards.

That's it. Now you're ready to play Spot it!

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