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Solitaire Board Game

Solitaire Board Game

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Solitaire is a fascinating game for a single player that is typically played with pegs or marbles on a wooden board.

The board game Solitaire consists of 32 marbles and a wooden board with 33 dents in it. There are variations such as pegs replacing marbles, plastic replacing wood, holes for dents (to put the pegs in) and extra dents/holes.

The game is set up by placing 32 marbles in 32 dents, leaving the centre dent empty.

Solitaire is a one-person game (unsurprisingly given its name). The aim of the game is to remove every marble except one – and the last one must end up in the centre dent.

To remove a marble, you have to move one marble over another marble, landing in an empty dent. Marbles can move up, down, left or right but never diagonally.

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