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Rubber Band Pattern Board Game

Rubber Band Pattern Board Game

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Super value wooden geoboard: Lewo geoboards with rubber bands include 1 Geometrical Board, 48 pattern cards (25 double sided pattern cards, 18 geometric cards and 5 empty cards) and 2 packs of latex bands. The supply of 2 packs of latex bands provides more possibilities for children to play.

How to play: 1. Make a pattern according to the card; 2. Know pictures and words; 3. Use imagination to create more patterns. Very great for kids who like to make shapes, letters, numbers, patterns and designs. Learn more about geometric concepts, the appearance of letters and numbers by playing this toy.

Safe for kids: All boards feel very firm. There are 64 round semi-embedded nails on the board, can fix the shape well when playing with them. Won't hurt the child's little hands. Made of safe and non-toxic wood and bands. The bands were also strong and won’t have any of them break easily.

Develop creativity and imagination: Lewo STEM toy helps develop fine motor skills, shape recognition ability, improve concentration, encourage imagination, creativity and coordination. Help kids explore the basic concepts of plane geometry and more advanced mathematical concepts such as symmetry, angles, fractions, perimeter, area, the characteristics of triangles and other polygons and so on.

A PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR KIDS: The Montessori Toy is a dream gift for all children! A great gift for birthday gift, Christmas present, classroom supplies. Leow wooden geoboard with more challenging cards provides more fun for children. Top rated toys for boys and girls.

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