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Organ Attack!

Organ Attack!

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2–6 Players| 15 Min| Age: 8+

Organ ATTACK! blends medically accurate terminology with immature potty humor. In the game, each player is dealt a set of organs. The players use immunity, affliction, and other tactical cards to protect themselves while inflicting disease & bodily harm on their opponents. For example: Give Gallbladder gallstones Afflict Thyroid with thyroiditis Subject Bowels to the wrath of a day-old burrito from a back-alley food cart The last person with at least one organ remaining wins. The object of the game is to remove your opponents' organs using corresponding afflictions before they remove yours. The last person to still have at least one organ is the winner. Note: May not be suitable for players who are sensitive about discussing medical conditions (for example, playing a "Cancer" card on an opponent).

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