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Nab it !

Nab it !

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2-4 Players | 30-45Mins | Ages 8+

Nab-It! is reminiscent of the word game Upword in that players can stack letter tiles on existing letter tiles in order to create new words, but there are three differences: (1) the game includes no board, (2) each player has her own set of tiles in a particular color, and (3) the player who has the highest or most tiles in a word scores one point for that word (no matter how long) once the game ends.
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Maxim 'Up! could be the new favourite game in house, due to the colourfull blocks, the easy scoring and the exciting and impredictable gameplay!

Make chains with the blocks to form words. Change words by stacking blocks. You steal a word when you place the top-most block. But the stacks grow, so the winning hand changes continuously. You know the most words when the last blocks are played? then you win!

In your turn, either, take a few letters from your personal supply, and form a word with it. Then add it to the growing game board. Like this, some sort of cross-word-board will grow.

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