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My Favorite Salad

My Favorite Salad

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Help the Chefs prepare a Greek Salad! Obey there orders, add veggies and spices, mix the ingredients and the salad is done! The first player left with no cards in his hand is the winner!

2-6 Players | Age 6+

The game mechanism determines that each player, in turn, tries to play down a card from his hand, and add ingredients to the salad. They might have to forfeit a turn in order to mix the salad. They might declare a certain vegetable is needed urgently, or another is temporarily canceled. The logic of the game may flip and then less ingredients are added.


The youngest player deals 6 cards to each participant, following he will open the top card of the deck. If the open card is not a vegetable card the deck is shuffled and a new card is opened. The players then start, in turn, (clockwise) to play their cards on top of the first vegetable card.

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