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Maunz Maunz

Maunz Maunz

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2–5 Players |  10 Min Playing Time | Age: 5+

Maunz Maunz ("meow-meow") is a game of cards similar to Crazy Eights (which is called "Mau-Mau" in Germany). This implementation is especially well-suited for smaller children as it features nice and colorful illustrations of cats instead of suits and numbers.

You have to get rid of all your cards to win the game by taking turns playing a card showing a cat that matches the type or color of the one played previously. Also, you can force the next player to pick up two cards, continue by playing a special color, skip a turn, or exchange her complete hand with yours. The winner of each round receives a small wooden cat token, and the first player with two cat tokens wins the game.

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