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Happy Little Detective

Happy Little Detective

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teaching hand-eye coordination, and discovery skills.

How to Play:
1. Each player chooses a game card that has been
randomized first.
2. Players are given the opportunity for 15 to 30
seconds to understand the content of the picture on
the card.
3. After finishing understanding the picture, the dice
are thrown
4. The number on the dice is a question to answer
the puzzle in the picture.
5. Each player is given 1x chance to take a help card if
the question cannot be answered.
6. Answer the puzzle according to the question. If the
answer is correct, the player is entitled to a 7 card
. All the puzzles in the puzzle use English, this will
help the child learn English and at the same time play
8. Can be played by up to several people.
9. The duration of the game is determined by the
10. WINNER is the Player who gets the most cards.

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