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Double Ditto

Double Ditto

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4–99 Players | 15–30 Min | Age: 10+

Double Ditto is a fun party game what will challenge players to be clever and quick. Play with as few as 4 players, or as may as 10 or more! Take turns being the Ditto Master by reading a card out loud to the group. Players then have 15 seconds to write down two answers that come to mind. Once time is up, take turns reading the answers out loud, crossing off each answer that matches another player's answer. The object of the game is to write down answers you think other players will write. Match an answer with another player to score a "ditto!" Match both answers and score a "double ditto!" Each round is fast-paced and filled with hilarious surprises. Answers can be as obnoxious and creative as a player's desire, making this game customizable and a perfect game for any gathering with family and friends.

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